Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Find your favorite Setting in Visual Studio 2010

Most programmers are really picky! Especially when it comes to the IDEs. Visual studio 2010 offers you 100s of customizations. For the most part it’s awesome as long as you can find the setting that you want to change. Here’s what an options dialog from Visual Studio 2010 looks like..


Notice there are 100s of items that you can customize but it’s missing one important thing! Where is the “Find” button to jump to the right setting???

Not to worry, Microsoft cares for you developers. Although it didn’t release it as a Visual studio feature they released an awesome extension called Productivity Power tools. Install that and it has a nice little feature called “Quick Access”, just press cntrl + 3 and you will see a window like below


Notice it finds menu items, Visual studio options and much more. It also let’s you navigate directly to the option from right within the interface. Really helpful.

Btw, have you tried pressing “cntrl + ,” yet?? Go ahead try it.. I think you will like it!

Hope that helps.

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